Achieve and Maintain Compliance with Uncompromised Flexibility

Experience a fusion of automation, visibility, collaboration and ease of use that facilitates your digital trust journey
The Cybervergent platform is a digital trust platform that leverages artificial intelligence to automate processes. It instils digital trust through its functionalities and features, assuring our customers that their assets are protected in terms of Privacy, Security, Risk, and Compliance.


Real-time Monitoring
Empowering organizations to continually monitor their security posture, staying abreast of the latest security threats and vulnerabilities.
Secure Audit
Centralizes all relevant information, evidence, and communications within a secure portal, accessible exclusively by authorized parties.
Seamless Collaboration
Enabling effortless collaboration among assessors and other stakeholders, expediting audit closure for your business.
Pre-defined Policy
Cybervergent offers customers template and customized policies to guide them through the compliance process effectively.
Asset Review
Assessing and evaluating assets to ensure compliance with established policies and procedures, enhancing security and mitigating risks.
RPA- Robotic Process Automation
Automating repetitive tasks for efficiency and precision. Cybervergent seamlessly integrate and continuously monitor with unparalleled efficiency.
Conducting Regulatory Compliance Audit
Renew Apr 22, 2024
Implementing Data Protection Measures
Renew Apr 30, 2024
In progress
Ensuring GDPR Compliance
Start Apr 18, 2024
Implementing Risk Management Framework
Start Apr 19, 2024

Standards and Frameworks

ISO 27001-ISMS
Enhances threat awareness and confidentiality protection through defined policies, procedures, and technical controls.
Entities handling credit card data must comply to PCI DSS requirements to secure cardholder information.
Lawful and secure handling of personal data in Nigeria, outlining obligations for data controllers and processors.
Validates your organization's capability to uphold the security of customer and client data, showcasing commitment to data protection.
NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Set of guidelines, standards, and best practices to help organizations manage and improve their cybersecurity risk management processes.
ISO 22301-BCMS
Enhances threat awareness and confidentiality protection through defined policies, procedures, and technical controls.
Ensures secure handling of Protected Health Information (PHI) in compliance with regulatory standards, safeguarding patient data integrity.
Handling personal data of individuals in the EU, GDPR regulations are applicable, regardless of your company's location.
Custom Framework
Empowers organizations to autonomously construct frameworks, offering full creative authority over controls and objectives.
Embrace a future where compliance is not just a checkbox!
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