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Understanding your vulnerabilities and how threat actors exploit them is one of the greatest insights you can gain in improving the cybersecurity posture of your organization and assets.
The Cyber Offense Team offers businesses and organizations comprehensive assessments of their security posture from an attacker's perspective. This involves simulating real-world cyber attacks to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their systems, networks, applications, and infrastructure before malicious actors can exploit them.

Network Penetration Tests

A network composed of many systems, hosts, network devices, and endpoints can contain a range of vulnerabilities for attackers to exploit.
Businesses utilize Cybervergent's Network Penetration Test to reveal critical, real-world vulnerabilities in a threat model, helping them better understand and prioritize potential targets and attack vectors.
With this information, your business can take suitable security measures to build a robust network security posture in the long run.

Web Application Penetration Tests

We provide customized website penetration testing services using automated and manual tests to identify vulnerabilities in your web applications.
Every web application is unique and at Cybervergent, our penetration tests are adapted to the needs of our customers, helping to build your organization's cyber security posture more resiliently.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

With mobile applications having the capacity to access substantial volumes of sensitive user data, it becomes imperative for organizations to implement adequate safeguards against potential security threats.
Cybervergent offers Mobile App Penetration Testing to provide organizations with visibility of their most critical application security risks and knowledge on how to fortify their application security posture.

API Assessments

APIs are the bedrock of so many applications and as such are the targets of many attacks. Cybervergent API Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing Services help you determine whether your APIs are secure, allowing you to focus on building a great product.
Our approach is simple: we identify the vulnerabilities in your API and provide precise instructions on how to address them.

Wireless Assessments

Wireless network access offers convenience, but it also opens your network to potential risks. Securing your wireless environment is critical, as adversaries often target these easily accessible entry points exposed to the public.
At Cybervergent, we specialize in Wireless Penetration Testing to ensure that your organization's wireless network remains secure.

Social Engineering/ Phishing Simulation

Our Social Engineering solution helps organizations mitigate human vulnerabilities by conducting simulated attacks (phishing, pretexting) to assess employee awareness, offering tailored training to enhance security knowledge, and developing effective policies to prevent social engineering risks.
We provide comprehensive reports and continuous monitoring to strengthen defenses against evolving threats.

Cloud penetration testing

Our Cloud penetration testing will provide you with a detailed Assessment Report on all potential threats existing in your Cloud Environment, including software vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
The report offers recommendations on how to fix these problems, ensuring your data's safety from attack.

Unique Value Proposition

Establishing Digital Trust
We conduct extensive penetration tests to proactively identify and help mitigate vulnerabilities, instilling confidence in you, your stakeholders, and fortifying your organization's digital trustworthiness.
Simplifying Cybersecurity
Our approach to cybersecurity is grounded in simplicity and that’s why our reports are tailored to make it easy for businesses to understand and address security vulnerabilities, reducing complexity and minimizing risk.
Ensuring Business Continuity
Our recommendations provide a comprehensive defense strategy to ensure your operations continue seamlessly even in the face of unforeseen disruptions or cyber incidents.

Remediate Vulnerabilities Proactively

Equip your organization with the resilience needed to identify and combat threats effectively.

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