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complex solutions that allow businesses to achieve digital trust.
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Our Cyber Operations Center (COC) is an internationally acknowledged center operating around the clock, 365 days a year, with a dedicated focus on providing an extensive range of security solutions.
This center offers a comprehensive security solution for your digital assets, featuring continuous monitoring and investigation of potential threats and attacks. It takes a proactive approach to remediate identified vulnerabilities, ensuring your assets remain safe and secure 24/7.

Security Monitoring and Alerting

Through integration with Security Events Collector, with dedication to protecting your organization from cyber threats.
This solution offers a specialized team committed to detecting, analyzing, mitigating, and responding to cybersecurity events within your network infrastructure.
They leverage their technical expertise and implement high-end security tools to ensure digital trust.

Threat Hunting

Leveraging state-of-the-art tools, analysts in our COC proactively check for Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) within the infrastructure and remediate before any incidents are recorded.
Our threat hunt exercise employs various approaches and methodologies.
These processes and steps contribute to an effective cyber defense, ensuring that your infrastructures are securely safeguarded.

Threat Intelligence

In our COC, threat intelligence serves as crucial data collected, processed, and analyzed to understand threat actors' motives, targets, and attack behaviors.
This empowers us to make faster, more informed, data-backed security decisions, shifting our behavior from reactive to proactive in combating threat actors.

Incident Response

Our COC plans and responds to security breaches or cyberattacks, utilizing processes and technologies for detecting and responding to cyber threats.
In the event of any security incident, our expert team adopts proactive incident response strategies.
We are fully prepared to effectively investigate, contain, and mitigate potential risks.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is one of the key elements in our incident response solution.
Cybercrime and insider threats have drastically risen with the advancement of technology and cyberspace.
Criminals frequently employ technology in the preparation and execution of the crime. Digital evidence is stored on devices such as computers, mobile phones, servers, cloud, storage media etc.

Unique Value Proposition

Guardians of Digital Trust
We are the unsung heroes, the 24/7 guardians of digital trust, ensuring business continuity and protecting our clients' data with unwavering vigilance.
Cyber Defenders on the Frontlines
We are the elite cyber defenders on the frontlines, actively combating threats and vulnerabilities 24/7, enabling our clients to focus ontheir core business.
The Engine of Converged Security
We are the engine of converged security, seamlessly integrating technologies and expertise to provide robust 24/7 protection, empowering ourclients to build digital trust.

Enhance your cybersecurity posture instantly against ransomware and advanced attacks without reallocating scarce resources to hunt for and eliminate hidden threats in your network

Take a proactive stance against cyber threats

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