Email Policy


At Cybervergent, we prioritize the safety and security of electronic mail (email) communication for all stakeholders involved in our company-related activities. Our commitment to fostering a secure and respectful digital communication environment is outlined in the following policies that govern the use of our email system:

Access and Usage:

1. Access to Cybervergent’s email system is exclusively provided to employees and third parties whose responsibilities require email usage for conducting company business.

2. All messages composed and sent using company-provided electronic messaging resources must adhere to company policies governing acceptable communication.


3. Cybervergent strictly prohibits discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious, or political beliefs through the use of electronic messaging resources.

Termination or Separation:

4. Upon termination or separation from Cybervergent, users will have their access to electronic messaging resources revoked. This includes the ability to download, forward, print, or retrieve any message stored in the system, regardless of sender or recipient.

Unique Email Addresses:

5. Each employee is assigned a unique email address dedicated to conducting company business via email.

Considerate Communication:

6. Recognizing the limitations of electronic messages in conveying mood and context, employees are advised to carefully consider how recipients might interpret a message before composing or sending it.

Reporting Violations:

7. Any employee who discovers a violation of these policies should immediately notify the Human Resources Department.

Disciplinary Actions:

8. Any employee found in violation of these policies is subject to disciplinary action, which may include but is not necessarily limited to, termination.

Email Size Limitation:

9. The maximum size of email, including attachments, allowed to be sent on Cybervergent’s network is 25MB.

Monitoring and Privacy:

10. Since email may be monitored, all employees using the corporate email resource to transmit or receive email shall have no expectation of privacy.

By strictly adhering to these guidelines, we assure our stakeholders that emails used to communicate with us or subscribe to our newsletters are handled with the utmost care, maintaining a positive and secure digital communication environment that reflects Cybervergent's values and commitment to professionalism.