Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of Cybervergent Limited is as follows:

We are committed to providing our customers with excellent services that exceed their expectations by continually improving our business strategy, processes, systems, personnel, and environment always.

The high-level objectives for quality management within Cybervergent Limited are defined below:

Objective1 – Achieve customer retention.  

Objective 2 –Offer excellent product/service with assurance to meet customer needs.  

Objective 3– Improve interaction of key business processes to assurance 

Objective 4 – Identify, monitor and act on business risk.   

Objective 5– Identify, monitor and act on business opportunities. 

These are fundamental to the nature of the business and are notsubject to frequent change. 

These overall objectives will be used as guidance in the settingof lower-level, more short-term objectives for quality planning within anannual cycle timed to coincide with organisational budget planning. This willensure that adequate funding is obtained for the improvement activitiesidentified.

These objectives will be based on a clear understanding of theoverall business requirements and how they may change during the year. 

Last Updated: May 2024