Achieve and Maintain Compliance with Uncompromised Flexibility

Experience the fusion of automation, configurability, and digital trust with our solution,
ensuring complete control over your GRC journey.
These initiatives empower organizations to enhance their digital trust levels by seamlessly integrating Privacy, Risk, Security, and Compliance components beyond mere compliance. This integration makes them integral aspects of daily operations, ensuring holistic protection and resilience.


Pre-built Assessment tools
A comprehensive scan to identify gaps, across the code base, infrastructure, processes, applications, vendors, employee activities, access controls, and more.
Actionable Dashboard
Effectively visualize, quantify, and convey your posture in alignment with your business priorities, enabling a comprehensive understanding of implications.
Cross mapping
Easily integrate with popular cybersecurity frameworks like ISO 27001, SOC 2, and more, with pre-mapped controls, facilitating seamless integration for enhanced efficiency.
Treatment plan
Following your program assessment, automatically generate a tailored score and treatment plan, streamlining communication of your status to executives.
Customized needs
Provides end-to-end tailored solutions according to your needs, allowing adjustments and utilization of custom tags for categorization.
Real-time Monitoring
Empowering organizations to continually monitor their security posture, staying abreast of the latest security threats and vulnerabilities.


Privacy Program
Within the Cybervergent platform, our Privacy Program adopts a comprehensive approach to privacy and data protection, vital for organizations handling personal data. It aims to mitigate privacy breach risks, address underlying issues effectively, and minimize damage resulting from such incidents.
Security Program
In the Cybervergent platform, our Security Program comprises an organization's full spectrum of security policies, procedures, tools, and controls. It transcends mere guidelines, embodying a holistic, multifaceted security strategy and governance framework meticulously crafted to protect your organization's sensitive data and capabilities.
Risk Program
Our Risk Program allows you to select from pre-built risks and controls or tailor your own to suit business needs. Customize risks, categories, and filters effortlessly while designating risk owners. Our platform streamlines treatment plan development, aligns assessment scores, and seamlessly generates risk-related tasks.
Vulnerability Program
The Cybervergent platform offers a diverse range of scan options, providing valuable insights into the organization's environment, covering connected devices, potential vulnerabilities, and network traffic across different segments of their networks.
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