Posture Management

Identify threats and apply controls for your compliance workload

Safeguard your enterprise network against sophisticated cyber-attacks with Cybervergent. Our posture coverage actively protects against threats, ensuring the safety of your assets.

All-in-one solutions

These posture management solutions ensure continuous monitoring of infrastructure security gaps, enabling our customers to consistently enforce security policies across their organization, and various asset classes.

Infrastructure Security Posture Management
Cybervergent ISPM identifies potential security misconfigurations, compliance issues, and risks in both Cloud and On-Premises environments.

Our comprehensive ISPM examines and compares environments against a defined set of best practices, known security risks, and by leveraging A.I we can take these steps further by learning and detecting risk-related events on the go if they do not adhere to security-related compliance controls.

Cybervergent ISPM alerts related controls and process owners when there is a need to remediate a security risk. Cybervergent also has a robust robotic process automation feature that enables organizations to remediate these types of issues automatically.
Data Security Posture Management
Cybervergent's DSPM provides organizations with comprehensive insights into their data landscape. By identifying where sensitive data resides, who has access to it, how it's being utilized, and the security status of data repositories and applications, DSPM enables proactive risk management.

Through thorough data flow analysis, DSPM determines the sensitivity of data, facilitating robust security measures. With a focus on proactive analysis, prioritized risk mitigation, and efficient vulnerability remediation, Cybervergent's DSPM empowers organizations to enhance their data security posture effectively.
Compliance Posture Management
Compliance Posture Management entails evaluating, enhancing, and maintaining compliance standards. Cybervergent offers a user-friendly compliance automation process, enabling you to effortlessly monitor your cybersecurity posture and optimize audit outcomes.

Organizations worldwide are subject to data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR, PCI-DSS), which require them to implement adequate security measures to protect personal and sensitive information.

Our ecosystem is designed to assess, monitor, report, and provide visibility for each standard requirement. With our platform, adherence to security standards is automated, streamlining compliance efforts.
Automate your security posture at scale and improve compliance readiness!
From small businesses to large enterprises. Cybervergent helps organizations to monitor and get real-time visibility on key assets across their entire ecosystem.
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